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Project Description Owner Last Change
rrss Import from sl's mercurial... 4 days ago
awki AwkiAwki fork. 7 days ago
pkgutils Local tweaks to the CRUX pkgutils. 2 weeks ago
xf86-video-fbturbo yatli's RISC-V fbturbo driver... 3 weeks ago
inferno The Inferno operating system... 4 weeks ago
cats A collection of implementation... 5 weeks ago
bloat A Pleroma/Mastodon client... 6 weeks ago
euler Project Euler solutions. 2 months ago
chatclient A client for the Pleroma shoutbox. 5 months ago
fedifinger An implementation of fingerd... 21 months ago
embot Didactic Markov bot. 3 years ago
webvac Webserver for venti. 3 years ago
iredis Inferno Redis client. 3 years ago
watts Sensible, fast, Rack-based... 5 years ago
lbf bf in Lightning. 6 years ago
hoshi HTML generator, View objects... 6 years ago
bench-micro Fork of 6 years ago
forth-documents Very interesting collection... 8 years ago
pez The Pez programming language. 8 years ago
rubygems Upstream'd bug fix for Rubygems. 8 years ago
sequel Mirror of 8 years ago
rasterday Rack middleware for converting... 9 years ago
fotomat This was a patch for an image... 9 years ago
grackle Some commits to a Twitter... 9 years ago
rack Some upstream'd patches to... 10 years ago
senga Small gem for drawing histograms. 10 years ago
schema_plus Unnamed repository; edit this... 10 years ago
neography Fork of a client library to... 11 years ago
gitui A tiny git wrapper. Marginall... 12 years ago
potion Mirror of _why's Potion progra... 14 years ago
freenote-probe The old Freenote Probe. See... 14 years ago
pleroma Unnamed repository; edit this... No commits