That would have bugged me if I didn't do this.
[ssh-chat] / chat / message / user.go
2024-03-27 PeteFix the tests. int-2024-03-27_1612
2024-02-03 PeteDefault to timestamp on. dg/master
2021-04-05 Andrey Petrovsshd, chat/message: Add more debug logging for close... v1.11-rc1
2021-03-15 Andrey Petrovchat: /away tweaks
2021-03-15 Akshaychat: Added support for user away status, fixes #377
2020-08-03 Andrey PetrovMerge pull request #352 from shazow/sponsor-prefix
2020-08-03 Andrey PetrovMerge branch 'master' into sponsor-prefix
2020-08-03 Andrey PetrovMerge pull request #356 from shazow/focus-cmd
2020-08-03 Andrey Petrovchat: Add /focus command origin/focus-cmd
2020-07-30 Andrey Petrovchat/message: Set LastMsg during render of self public...
2020-07-30 Andrey PetrovMerge pull request #355 from pavelz/my_name_last_autoco...
2020-07-30 Andrey Petrovchat/message: Fix RecentActiveUsers sort order
2020-07-29 Pavel Zaitsevupdated tests, moved code closer to the caller.
2020-06-24 Andrey Petrovchat: Use user.ID() instead of user.Name()
2020-06-24 Andrey Petrovchat, main: Add /rename op command
2020-04-16 Andrey PetrovMerge pull request #342 from shazow/unsafe-password
2020-04-16 Andrey PetrovMerge pull request #341 from shazow/term-bot
2020-04-13 Andrey Petrovchat/message: Add UserConfig.Echo
2019-03-22 Andrey Petrovchat/message: Fix tests v1.8
2019-03-22 Andrey Petrov/timestamp, /theme: Fix rendering, add tests
2019-03-21 Andrey PetrovMerge pull request #308 from shazow/timestamp-both
2019-03-21 Andrey Petrov/timestamp: time and datetime modes origin/timestamp-both
2019-03-17 Andrey PetrovMerge pull request #304 from shazow/autocomplete-sort
2019-03-17 Andrey Petrovchat: Sort NamesPrefix by recently active origin/autocomplete-sort
2019-03-17 Andrey Petrov/timestamp now prefixes each line with a timestamp
2019-03-17 Andrey Petrovsshchat: Echo command messages with the new timestamp...
2019-03-16 Andrey Petrovchat: Add timezone support to /timestamp
2019-03-16 Andrey Petrovchat: Remove injectTimestamp after 30min stuff
2019-03-16 Andrey Petrovchat/message: Add PublicMsg.RenderSelf(...) to support...
2019-03-16 Andrey Petrovchat/message: Add timestamp prefix support
2019-01-02 Robert Haileychat: When a user leaves, add time since they joined...
2018-01-19 Andrey Petrov/timestamp: Toggle timestamps after 30min of inactivity
2017-05-11 Andrey Petrovchat: Emit BEL when receiving a PM. v1.6
2016-08-29 Andrey Petrovrefactor: User.Config -> User.Config() and User.SetConf...
2016-08-29 Andrey Petrovrefactor: User.SetColorIdx -> User.setColorIdx, prepari...
2016-08-27 Andrey Petrovchat/message: Remove User.Ignore(...) and User.Unignore...
2016-08-24 Andrey Petrovrefactor: Id -> ID
2016-08-24 Andrey Petrovset: Switch to a common set implementation
2016-08-11 Andrey Petrovchat/message: Fix highlighting and BEL, fix race condition.
2016-08-03 Andrey PetrovDisabled autocomplete due to #166.
2016-08-01 Federico Ruggicommands: /ignore, /unignore
2016-07-24 Andrey PetrovFixed message buffer timeout
2016-07-24 Andrey PetrovUnflake tests, remove lock from chat/message.User
2016-07-24 Andrey PetrovProgress: Unchan user
2016-07-15 Andrey PetrovFixed /kick command to actually close target
2015-01-21 Andrey PetrovMerge pull request #119 from shazow/message-package
2015-01-21 Andrey Petrovssh-chat/chat/{message,user,theme,history} -> ssh-chat...